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At North Hills Baptist Church, we focus on the fact that we’re all broken sinners. We all need the cleansing, transforming work of Jesus. If you’re someone who needs that too, you’re certainly welcome to gather with us! If you don’t often attend church, don’t worry. We won’t draw any attention to you, but someone will say hi and introduce themselves. We’ll give you a program that lays out the entire plan for the service, with the words for our songs right there.

If you’re used to going to church, you might be wondering exactly how we do things. So, here are some of the things you might be interested in:


Our preaching is almost always expository. That means it focuses on one passage of the Bible. We learn the context it was written in, explain what God is saying in his Word, and describe why it matters to us. There’s not a lot of skipping around all over the Bible. We usually read from the NKJV translation of the Bible. If you have a Bible, great! Bring it along. If not, there are Bibles available for your use.


When it comes to music, we’ll sing songs that speak rich truth about God and why we need his grace. Since no music is more beautiful than a congregation singing, we choose songs that are designed more for everyone to participate than for a band to perform. We sing both modern hymns and plenty of older hymns that have stood the test of time. We want it all to direct our worship to the God who made and sustains us.


You’ll find young and . . . not so young . . . worshipping side by side. We do provide a nursery for our youngest attendees, and a Bible class for kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade. We dismiss those older kids to their room just before the sermon.

We exercise caution to ensure the safety of children under our care. We conduct both internal training and screening, and external background checks of all workers. We follow recommended policies concerning, child check-in, trips to the restroom, adult-to-child ratios, and safety personnel observing access points. Multiple workers are present with children at all times.