North Hills Baptist Church seeks to produce genuine followers of Christ who are Word-filled, serving others and spreading the gospel. (Colossians 1:18, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Ephesians 4:11-16)

Core Values

No two churches are just alike. Particular features distinguish even like-minded congregations from one another. North Hills Baptist Church endeavors to pursue the following core values, creating a biblical church culture.

God’s Word should be central to life and ministry.

In a day when most churches have long ago forsaken biblical orthodoxy, and others are enthusiastically pursuing worldly methodology, North Hills will endeavor to be loyal to the Scriptures not only in matters of doctrine, but also in practice. Although we humbly acknowledge that we may at times fall short of perfectly achieving our goal, we will pursue the biblical model in our polity, policies and spirit. Many intend to embrace this commitment, but tradition is often substituted as a well-intentioned surrogate. Our commitment is not to be confused with embracing tradition, even though many biblical pursuits will reflect the long-standing and traditional values of Christ’s church. We will not pursue innovation for the sake of itself, nor tradition for the sake of itself. Rather we will attempt to constantly evaluate all our actions both individually and as a body by the standard of the revealed Word of God.

The Great Commission is our chief mission.

Both the evangelistic and discipleship components of the Great Commission shall remain the singular focus of North Hills Baptist Church. North Hills will retain a focus of winning the lost, followed by discipleship in the Christian walk. While many churches are built on “transplanted” believers who have come from other Bible-believing churches, we believe that the New Testament establishes the pattern wherein church growth comes from evangelism and discipleship. All are welcome whether they are seasoned believers or lost, but strategy will revolve around evangelism and discipleship, not acquisition of Christians from other bible-believing churches. For this reason, North Hills Baptist Church works to cater to the spiritual needs of first-generation believers.

The local church should strive to be biblically balanced.

It has been said by many “don’t major on the minors.” North Hills Baptist Church, while recognizing that all matters of faith and practice are important, nonetheless remains aware that we must not allow secondary matters to replace the primary matters in our preaching, activities and discipleship. Personal standards and matters of disagreement amongst orthodox brothers will be discussed, taught and preached in the proper context but will not become the chief identifying marks of our assembly. The prayer of North Hills Baptist Church is that we be known to others by what we are for, rather than what we are against. Further, we will endeavor to preach and teach doctrine that is not only biblically true, but also biblically balanced, not preaching certain truths to the detriment of other biblical truths.

Excellence pleases God and inspires people.

In an effort to please God, we must do all to portray the greatness of our God. We recognize the need for wise stewardship and that resources may be limited, but quality must remain a priority in the Lord’s work. We can never allow “good enough” to be good enough. If mediocrity is elevated, excellence suffers. North Hills Baptist Church strives for quality in all areas.

Biblical worship focuses on God.

We believe that the purpose of worship is not to please the worshiper, to make him feel comfortable or to attract the lost. Our worship will focus on God! Worship should be driven by that which is pleasing to Him and accurately reflects His holy character. Simultaneously, we recognize the need for music that ministers to God’s people and thus will choose a dynamic approach to worship without embracing worldly techniques and genres.

Every Christian should be a minister.​

It is our conviction that the New Testament compels believers to be involved in ministry to other believers and to be actively evangelizing the lost. Furthermore, the local church is given by God to build up and equip saints to do the work of ministry. God did not call only pastors or deacons to care for the needs of fellow members, but each believer is to be fulfilling this duty. We thus hold that each person who is part of North Hills Baptist Church is, in fact, a minister, specially equipped by God for a task. Every member is expected to be actively involved in the church in order to fulfill his or her God-given duty.